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Genre: Reality Series
Title: ,,COOK’ N with FIRE”. This is not your ordinary Cooking Show!
Have you ever wondered what Firefighters eat and how it’s prepared at their stations? Did you know that fire stations have to designate ·’Firefighter Chefs” inside their stations, so that they can plan and prepare the recipes that they will cook and eat, hopefully before their next call to duty as ·’First Responders”.

Cast: Firefighters (in their own enviorment, as themselves) These are someone’s Son’s, Fathers, Brothers etc., that are rescuers extensively trained primarily to put out hazardous fires that threaten civilian populations and property, but they are also called to rescue people from car incidents, collapsed and burning buildings and other such situations, so before the Firefighters in each community get that next call, they must try to eat and get the nutritional fuel they need to be more effective! Sometimes, they have to put out fires in their own kitchen, when they don ·t have enough time to eat or when they can’t come to terms and/or agree on the food they all want to eat! Just like you at home, they too have to prepare meals for their entire family of Firefighters, but instead they must do it all within the confines of their station, under great pressure and with never knowing when that next call may come for them to respond to a burning inferno?

Logline: (short pitch): ‘·Chopped’ meets “Avie Eric·’ with a never before seen competitive edge behind the scenes in actual fire stations around the world, where Firefighters exercise their own fire power and culinary expertise in their kitchen, cooking daily ethnic meals for each other before the next call to action. This is a traveling show that will take viewers to other communities and countries each week. Fire Houses will compete with other stations as they prepare and cook the best and favorite recipes for their family of Firefighters. Home viewers will be invited to interact in each episode by cooking alongside them and then tasting and rating the recipes used within each featured station. VIP Chefs from local restaurants in the community will be invited to observe and critique the stations kitchen as well as the Firefighters technique, food preparations and selected recipes and food groups.
Synopsis: In between fires and other hazardous threats to the community, the men and women that work inside these strategically located stations within their community, risking their lives each day to help their communities, must aJso consume food that they like. This reality series will be a fast paced traveling show, powered by high energy and multi-cultural personalities that will compete on behalf of their station for an opportunity to win the grand prize of $50,000.00, brought to them by a supporting sponsor.
The idea is to take viewers inside the stations of versatile communities throughout the world and let them experience the fierce tasks Firefighters are confronted with each day. One of which is cooking for fearless men and women. “Cook’ vv Lt L _ n,_” will be a competition between fire stations and the “Firefighter Chefs” within their kitchens. Firefighters in each station will vote to select their preferred Chef as well as the food recipes and ingredients they want prepared for them. This will set the stage for action based drama scenes inside the kitchen, during each episode as they choose amongst themselves just to select the most qualified and competitive candidate. Firefighters with diverse ethnic tastes will want to consume foods based on their own passions and cooking for them all at once will not be an easy task for the designated chef. That is why food planning and preparation will be an essential part of the process and during each episode we will dedicate a segment specifically for food shopping and preparation. Due to the nature of the job and the potentially limited time for cooking in a setting when one never knows when the sirens will be blaring, recipes and techniques will have to be simplified with ingredients that are readily available and suitable to eat and be stored at a moments notice … all of which will be shared with the audience and rated in an interactive format and forum.
Viewers will watch as these fierce and fearless Firefighters from diverse Fire stations will competitively battle each other in a cook-off each week. But what if a call to duty comes in before they can eat and forces them to leave the kitchen and wait to consume the food they cooked hours later? Will the Firefighters be able to come back and eat the same food that was cooked? Will they have time to preserve the food, so they can heat it and eat it after they return to the station? If so, how will they be judged? The answer is based on the reality of the moment, never knowing how the drama will unfold? The audience will never know because in a station one never knows when the next call will come in and lure the Firefighters out in a matter of minutes. Viewers experiencing a real emergency call will live that moment and have to wait and see what happens next! The idea is to interact with the audience as much as possible, leaving them to feel. cook, taste and sometimes even wonder what will happen in the next episode … Will the Firefighters be able to consume the food they prepared? Each episode will be different and real in nature. VIP Chefs that are invited to critique the Firefighter Chefs within each station will observe and critique the overall preparation, technique, and presentation. They will judge quality and taste of the food that the Firefighters prepare and eat. The VIP Chef will judge the overall experience within each station, alongside the audience participation, who will be participating in an interactive forum from home.
Station Firefighters will indulge as they react creating their own drama as it pertains to the overall experience inside each fire station, keeping a close eye on their competitors. All drama will be shot reality style and unscripted! (Completely edited and approved) before airing. If an emergency call comes in while shooting any segment of the program, crew and cameras will get out of the way, yet take the cameras as far inside the drama as it unfolds filming their departure and return back to the station, reverting back whenever possible behind the scenes to take a first hand look at what is being done in the kitchen to preserve the food that the Firefighters will have to eat when they return back to the station. Will the food be put in the refrigerator, frozen or micro waved and if so, will it still taste the same and get a good rating? How will the Firefighters feel and/or react when they return? How will the viewers react? Will all the drama impact the rating of their food preparation and/or the station? Will the Firefighters want to eat the food later or demand that a new meal be prepared? One must keep in mind that they are also on a budget! All of which is drama yet to be determined in any given episode, fueled by the adrenaline of the job that risks the very lives of these Firefighters. This is what will make the show unique and set the stage for a successful season. The idea of expecting
the unexpected in each episode is a drama of its own and “Cook’N with Fire” will continue … long after the shows season finale ends, leaving room for many more seasons
to follow .. .

Cook’N With Fire

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