Dig In Y’all

Dig In Y’all is a lifestyle program that’s all about enjoying food and creating memories with family and friends. Cookbook Author/Food Personality Chad Thilborger’s philosophy for entertaining at home is pretty simple. You get a whole heap of enjoyment out of life when you add spice, color and a tad more effort into everyday things. (And a little bit of bourbon now and then doesn’t hurt.)

Chad will share his family recipes which consist mostly of Southern dishes – but with a twist. He’ll also show viewers how to combine cooking and entertaining as a way of bringing people together. Chad will provide techniques, tips and recipes and loads of his hilarious family stories sure to make you think back to gatherings of friends and family that just make you want to Dig In Y’all. But more than that, Dig In Y’all provides ways to help make your own memories in the kitchen and beyond.

Chad Thilborger is a Southern Louisiana native transplanted to South Florida over 10 years ago from New Orleans with deep roots in the heart of Cajun Country. At 6’4”, he’s got a booming voice and even bigger laugh; people always describe him as “larger than life.” But to family and friends who really know him, his persona has little to do with his size and much more to do with how he lives his life.

Chad loves spending time cooking in the kitchen. What else can you expect from a guy raised in Southern Louisiana? His passion for food runs deep. It’s a way of life learned from all the folks who impacted him: his parents, grandparents Maw Maw & Paw Paw, Uncle Pat, Aunt Annie and Miss Diane. Because Chad has so many wonderful memories and recipes, he was compelled to write them down in the first cookbook, A Whole Heap of Goodness.

Currently Chad travels the United States and Europe telling his story, cooking up some fun, and encouraging ordinary people to engage their authentic heart and cook something extra ordinary their family will love. Let go of inhibitions…be inspired…live and cook with passion!

In the past year Chad has been a featured motivational speaker as well as a cooking demonstrator and a regular at Williams-Sonoma locations where he is also a White Coat, offering expert advice at their main stores, as well as appearing on the Financial News Network where he gives demos and advice for busy families watching their budgets in the kitchen. Chad has also made several visits as guest foodie on  Rolonda Watt’s live radio show “Sundays with Rolonda.”

Dig In Y’all

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